Monday, December 12, 2011

Helping Hand

Theme for December: God's character
 "The Lord is my helper."
Hebrews 13:6
Mom's Musing:
There are many places in scripture where the Lord of the Universe is called our helper. The word helper used to sound subservient to me.
When Tom and I were newly married we decided to wallpaper the kitchen. I had the role of gopher and would bristle at his instructions. He suggested we switch jobs. "Go ahead and measure and hang the paper." He wisely chose a section behind the refrigerator for me to hang my work.
The too short paper was hung, upside down, with a huge crease running down the middle. OOPS, precision work-not my bag. I was fired and resumed my role as assistant to the Master Hanger.
The God, our support, our helper is the one we call on to pull us up out of the miry clay. Being a helper is honorable.
Parenting Tip: Be your children's helper and give your kids opportunities to be yours.

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