Monday, June 4, 2012

Follow the Leader

Theme for June: Fathers!
"But as for me and my household we will serve the LORD."
Joshua 24:15b
Mom's Musing:

It seems appropriate to celebrate  Dad's important role in the family for the month of June. In Scripture we can read the commands given to fathers regarding their role in the family. The ideal dad is the spiritual leader (Josh. 24:15), holds a position of authority in the family (Deut. 32:7), teaches his children ( Proverbs 1:8), provides financially (Matthew 6:25-34), and  seeks Jesus for the needs of his kids (Matthew 17:14-18).

The Bible presents the role of father as one that carries a sense of dignity and great worth. Our modern culture down plays the critical role of the dad. Being a father is an honor the Lord gives a man. An honor that carries with it a load of responsibility. I guess that's why respect is so important to men. 

So... wives (the dads are going to love me for this!) what do you do to build up your husband in the eyes of his children? Do you demonstrate respect for him-even in the midst of a disagreement? I have to say I have failed more often than I've done it right. I was blown away by a friend of mine when she said she  never sides with the kids over her husband, until they are behind closed doors. She knows the proper time and place for a "conversation".  Wise wife, good mom. Great model for her daughters (and for me).

Dads are you behaving in a way that shows you value your God -given role? Are you leading your family in spiritual matters? Do you use your authority in a loving way? Do you take time to instruct your children? Are you providing for your family? Do you pray for your children?

The role of dad is a  hard one. Wives do everything you can to support and encourage your husband in his role as a father.

Parenting Tip:
The tip today is more of a spouse tip. Wives stop what you are doing and greet your husband when he arrives home. When he has taken care of something on the "honey do" list encourage him. Support him in his efforts to lead the family.

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