Monday, July 23, 2012


You are about to read a poem written by my dad. Every year family members from Florida, Colorado (my family), Iowa, and Minnesota gather at the "The Lake." My blog's theme for the month of July is independence. Independence and freedom are interconnected. The places I always feel the most free are in the great outdoors. My most special freedom spot  is at the lake in Minnesota. My dad and I shared that love. Whenever I'm here, I miss him deeply, and am grateful for family memories and family interdependence.

If there can be a heaven on earth, let us call it...


Welcome home oh weary traveler
My door is open wide
Thought you're tired from your journey
There's rest for you inside

Please come and enter in
You are so welcome here
I've prepared a place for you

There is no need to fear
 Tell me of your journey
did it seem long
Was it filled with loving friends
That made life a song

Now savor all those memories
I am with you hand-in-hand
Here is where your Rock abides
For this place is Rockland

......Rockman, 5/27/96
Memorial Day

Parenting Tip:
Make some great memories with your kids this summer. Strong families build a child's confidence and that confidence moves the child to dream bigger dreams and take a few risks.

Your Turn:
What are your family's summer traditions? 


  1. Our family made a big chart with brightly colored markers and set summer goals - physical, spiritual, intellectual, recreational. It sounds really contrived, but it was fun! The kids loved it and Katy still does it as an adult. :) I think I got the idea originally from a book called Sanity in the Summertime by Claudia Arp.

  2. Your kids must have loved it if the tradition is carrying on! It sounds like you and John participated too. Very cool.