Monday, May 27, 2013

Lost is Found

Memorial Day. Remembrances.  Sacrifice.
My dad served in the Navy during World War II.
In keeping with my blog tradition of posting a poem written by my dad on or near special days, his prose is below. And to mark the beginning of summer, I am sharing a picture of one of my dad's favorite places...The Lake. Happy Memorial Day. I pray you are enjoying some time with your family. ~Lori

"Whenever I return to the CABIN
 I am filled with the strongest feeling that something that was lost is found." Robert Appel

Dear Lord,

Perhaps I will find
Within this place,
Some joy, some peace
Some hope, some grace.

Perhaps I will find
Strength and courage too,
Enough to face tomorrow
Surely my spirit renew.

Perhaps I will find
within these walls,
Thy blest dominion Lord
Clearly my soul recalls.

But best of all
Here I now find,
Thy very presence Lord
and yesterdays are left behind.

......Rockman 5/26/97
Memorial Day

Thank you, Vets. Freedom isn't free. 
Thank a Vet today.

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