Monday, June 17, 2013

Girl to Girl

Hey guys, this post is for the ladies. But I think you will appreciate the its contents.

Wives, we all know our husbands need us to be their cheerleaders.  Honestly, there are times we feel resentful of that need. 

We wonder, “Where is my pat on the back for the things I do?”  

Let me attempt to put things into perspective.

Typically our kids are created to look to moms for encouragement and then those same children desire to impress mom with all the things they can do. “Mommy watch me!” is a common phrase from little ones. Bigger kids less overt, “Mom, are you coming to my game?” We innately know we are to build up our children.

Now think of your son, needing your encouragement. Wanting to show you the best he’s got. The desire to impress Mom with his talents, smarts, and abilities is BIG. That little boy or teenage son will one day grow up to be a man. Maybe a man who marries.

A healthy man will transfer his need to be encouraged and to impress the woman in his life from his mama to his wife.  

Don’t we want to be that person who says, “Way to go”? 

Here are a few simple ideas that your husband will think are awesome.  And you will most likely see a change in his appreciation of you as well.
  1. When you first see him after being apart (this honestly takes some effort if you happen to be highly task-oriented like me) stop what you’re doing, say hello, and give him a kiss. (Tom, my husband, has said this is a really big deal. I guess he looks forward to coming home and being with me and the gang. That’s a good thing!) Then… here’s the hard part. Allow him a few minutes to readjust. Don’t turn the kids over to him immediately. (I know what you’re thinking, “He’s been in the car alone, listening to whatever he chooses on the radio.” Well…somehow that doesn’t count in the re-entry process. Sorry.) After he has been in his porcelain man cave for a reasonable amount of time then he will be all yours and ready to join the family.
  2. Make a BIG deal about the work he does around the house for you. Show appreciation. A man loves to do things for his woman if the woman acts like he just hung the moon. (My sister-in-law is so good at that! My brother would do anything for her. He is her hero.)

  3. Give him a phone call during the day, a couple times a month, and tell him how much you appreciate him and all he does for the family. (I learned this from a mom in one of my parenting classes. When I have implemented this, my husband is pleasantly surprised and feels loved and valued.)
So… be your husband biggest fan. You sure don’t want someone else to be. 

PS  The picture of Tom and me was taken at Red Rocks Amphitheater before the sold out Chris Tomlin concert! My guy got the tickets just 'cuz he knew I'd LOVE it! Sweet.

The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.
Proverbs 14:1

Portions of this post have been published over at The MOM Initiative on June 20.2012

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