Monday, February 24, 2014

What's the Perfect Prayer Posture?

Kids love choices! When it come to prayer, there are lots of options. There is no set way to pray. Prayer is as unique as the individuals doing the praying.

Scripture shows us many different prayer postures. We don't always have to fold our hands, close our eyes and bow our heads. 

We can: 
Stand, sit, kneel, lay down. 

Fold hands, open palms, or raise arms. 

Sing, cry, shout, or whisper.

Close our eyes or lift our eyes.

Pray in secret, pray with another, pray in community.

Okay so then you ask, "When should we encourage prayer?"

Praying with your  kids before a meal or before bed are great ways to introduce prayer. But prayer isn't only for those times. We can pray in the morning, during the day, before a test, and sometimes God even wakes a person up to pray. 

Prayer is for :
Any time...WAIT! Better yet... all times!
And any place (of course unless a person is showing off! Matthew 6:5-7)

Prayer is between each person and the Father. The most important position to have is one of abiding in the Lord, resting in him. 

When approaching God in prayer,the heart position of humility and trust is the one to have! Otherwise we are free to choose the time, way, and place!

God is near to us whenever we pray to him. 
Deuteronomy 4:7 

Faith, hope, and love, 
Lori Wildenberg
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