Monday, April 14, 2014

Holy Week Prayer

Holy week is here. In keeping with the tradition of my blog, 
here is a poem and prayer from my dad.  
Have a beautiful and blessed Easter.

Dear Jesus,

That day is fast approaching
There is no place to hide.
That day filled with your suffering
My tears well up inside.

It happened on a Friday
How can we call it good?
When you obeyed our Father’s way
Upon the cross of unyielding wood.

Now your cross is my cross
I feel your awful agony.
The thorns, the nails, the total loss
Upon that bitter tree.

But Jesus I must now recall
That you really died for me.
You  gave your very life your all
To bring our Easter victory.

……Rockman, Lent 1994

Miss you Pops.


  1. Beautiful, just beautiful! xo

  2. {Melinda} That is beautiful, Lori. So heartfelt and real. Thank you for sharing, Lori.

    1. Thanks Melinda. My died died about 5 years ago. He wrote a lot of spiritually inspired poetry. I cherish those poems and prayers penned by him.