Monday, March 30, 2015

A Shocking Statistic Plus Easter Freebie

Here's a shocking statistic: 
While two out of three Americans recognize Easter as a religious holiday, only 42 percent connect Easter with the resurrection of Christ. (My ministry partner, Becky Danielson found  this stat over at the Barna Group. The study was conducted March 2010.)

So in the spirit of celebrating the risen Christ on Easter, here is a terrific faith-filled family freebie for Passion Week. This booklet was put together by the 1 Corinthians 13 Parenting Team. 1C13P is made up of a group of men and women, all parents and some grandparents, from across the US who are experts in their field: parenting, education, faith, marriage, single parenting, step-parenting, adoptive parenting, little kid parenting, big kids parenting, special needs parenting, challenging parenting. We even provide recipes! 1C13P is the place for all your parenting needs. Personally we relate. Professionally we support. 

Click here for your Easter gift:

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With faith, hope, and love,

PS If you live in the southwest come to our HeartCORe Parenting Conference on May 9th in Denver. Registration information coming soon. 

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