Monday, July 18, 2011

A Snake in the Path

Theme: July Uniqueness
Serve one another in love. Galatians 5:13c
Mom's Musing:
Last week my youngest daughter and I accompanied two other moms and their daughters on a once in a life time hike. We journeyed through the Grand Canyon from the north rim to the south rim. "I wish I could see what's ahead." One of my five hiking partners verbalized. Like life we may have an idea of where we want to end up but have no clue what challenges or dangers are going to cross our path. Each individual had her own weakness or challenge. Blown out shoes, weak back, heat exhaustion and nausea. The path itself presented it own set of surprises. Rattle snakes, aggressive squirrels (seriously!) steep inclines and declines. Thankfully we had each other. Combining each person's duct tape supply the broken shoes were temporarily fixed, a cool rag applied to a weary hiker's head provided relief from the heat, the sharp eyes of  our pace setter prevented the rest of the group from being struck by an unhappy rattlesnake, encouragement from fellow hikers was given when an individual's discouragement was beginning to set in. The group's words and actions tackled the environmental, emotional, technical and physical struggles. Like the body of Christ. We all need each other along the way when we encounter our own unique frustrations. God promises to provide what we need for the journey of life.

Parenting Tip:
Encourage your children to have a proper view of themselves. Provide opportunities for children to use their gifts and talents for other's good and God's glory. Assist your children where they need help.

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