Monday, November 21, 2011

My Daily Bread

In thanks for my earthly, now deceased, dad and in celebration of Thanksgiving, my blog will look a little different today. I want to share a table prayer my Dad wrote. He actually wrote it as a Christmas prayer but it seems appropriate for Thanksgiving too. I've left all his original punctuation. His pen name was Rockman and his given name Robert Appel. These words have blessed me and I hope they will bless you.
Now in this special moment--
And at this very place
We have felt your presence with us--
Lord Jesus face to face.

Thank you for this food--
Always so freely given
May it strengthen us today--
Lord Jesus bread of heaven.

Now nourished by this gift--
thus sustained for new endeavor
We will go forward in your name--
Lord Jesus, precious Savior.

.......Rockman, 12/25/91
Have a blessed Thanksgiving,

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