Monday, January 9, 2012

Frozen Pipes

Theme for January: Renewal and Resolution
"He will lead them to the springs of living water."
 Revelation 7:17b
Mom's Musing:
We had Christmas in the mountains this year. While unpacking and settling in we discovered most the cabin pipes were frozen. Thankfully one toilet and a couple spigots did have water flow. Not a disaster but definitely an inconvenience.
The hot water pipes were the first to come alive. We celebrated but it wasn't a complete victory. We waited for the cold water to spring forth to no avail. We decided to pray about it. Then we went out for dinner and to a movie. The air was getting colder. It was not probable the pipes would warm up enough to thaw.
Upon our return, one of my girls charged ahead, anxious to see if the water was working. We heard lots of sputtering. We held our breath and witnessed the pipes spitting out the cold water in staccato fashion. Success!
This experienced served as a good reminder to me how our children's spiritual life develops. A warm heart, just like a warm pipe, is more receptive to the flow of living water. It takes a lot more waiting, perseverance, and prayer for a cold heart to receive God's love. Even when it looks impossible, have hope. When you do see some good results, don't be discouraged if they aren't consistent with a faith-filled life. Instead pray and then trust that the living water will continue to work toward the steady stream. Life works just as it should when the water is flowing.

Parenting Tip:
 Pray for your kids to have a soft and receptive heart to God's word, love, and promises. Resolve to be persistent and patient in the process. Thawing  takes time.

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