Monday, March 5, 2012

You Deserve a Break Today

Theme for March: The Three R's of Parenting: Rest. Rejuvenate. Recharge.
"The disciples went and woke him (Jesus), saying,
'Master, Master, we're going to drown!'"
Luke 8:24
Mom's Musing:
Yah, right. You just read the theme for March. You're saying, "Those three R's..not in my reality." I get it. At one point I had four kids ages five and under. I fell into bed exhausted, praying for uninterrupted sleep. There were times my nights were as busy as my days!
Jesus can relate to that exhaustion caused by the constant needs of others. In Luke 8:22-25, he was so spent he was even sleeping through a squall while crossing a lake in a boat. His motley crew was so terrified, they woke him. Even Jesus had his sleep interrupted - by twelve adult men.

When my precious bundles turned into little waddlers, I became the naked magnet. Whenever I was getting dressed or stepping out of the shower-I had company. I resorted to getting into the car (dressed, thought that detail needed clarifying), securing the kids in their car seats, then I'd apply my make-up while parked in the garage. Everyone was safe and I became presentable to the general public. (Everyday wisdom would say, "Get up earlier." That never worked for me. I'm convinced kids have a sixth sense that tells them when Mom is up and at 'em.)

So..where does rest fit into this picture? It takes a little planning. Have quiet time scheduled each day. Even if your preschoolers or toddlers have out grown a nap, still carve out time for all to take a break-at the same time. For my bunch, early afternoon worked best.

And..somehow it helps me to know Jesus understands my exhaustion.

Parenting Tips: Resist the urge to work while your young ones rest. Rest while they rest. Schedule naps and quiet time so they overlap. 

PS Parental exhaustion and older kids will be addressed in next week's posting.

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