Monday, April 16, 2012

Rockin' Robin

Theme for April: Change

"...change your ways and your actions and deal with each other justly."
 Jeremiah 7: 5b

Mom's Musing:

Spring is hopping to it in Colorado. The trees are beginning to bud and some flowers are breaking through the soil. Birds are building nests and looking for a mate. One robin in particular is on a mission. He is determined to either find a mate or build a nest in what is actually a reflection. Every morning for a week (so far) he has been banging his little body against our entryway window. He either loves his own image or he believes the illusion that the outside beams are inside.

If he doesn't soon figure out his repetitive behavior isn't going to bring him a home or a "chick", he is going to miss his opportunity. This little red breasted dude's actions are picture of what I do sometimes. I persist in doing the same things with the same results rather than change.

"A new dance" was a term I heard recently at a seminar. The speaker said if something doesn't work, do a new dance. For instance, when angry if typically silent-speak up or if the tendency is to talk-listen. He said if the old dance isn't working try something different.

Parenting Tip: 

As parents, we are passionate about  kids. Our kids know what buttons to press. When this occurs-do a new dance. Approach your frustrations in a way counter to what you have previously done to get a different and hopefully better result. Try to make your way to the solution side of the issue rather than camp on the emotion.

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