Monday, April 23, 2012

New Math

Theme for April: Change

 "For God does not show favoritism."
Romans 2:11

Mom's Musing:

Spring the season of new life. Yesterday I opened a birth announcement. Oh...enclosed was a picture of  the new precious bundle. What a perfect way to kick off spring.

When I held our first child in my arms I couldn't believe how much love poured out of me. It felt as if we had waited an eternity to be parents. All that love and longing now had a place to go. I wondered, "Did my parents feel like this when they held me? How could love be so big? So all encompassing?"

Lots of parents have this experience holding their first child. Then along comes the anticipation of the second child. Crazy thoughts enter the mind like, "Will my love be as big for another child?" What will happen when I divide my love between them?"

God has a great solution to the problem. Love multiplies, it doesn't divide. Like the Grinch, the heart grows  bigger with each new addition. A mystery for sure but true never the less.

Parenting Tip:
Avoid playing favorites or even joking about it. This only serves as a catalyst to create feelings of sibling rivalry and jealousy. There is no limit to love.

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