Monday, September 17, 2012

Have a Seat

This old couch has seen some good days. It was one of our first purchases after moving out of our newlywed town home and into our first single family house in Golden Valley, Minnesota. All four kids have been nursed and cuddled on this couch. It has endured spills and spit up. Its cushions have been used for sitting and for building forts.This sofa has moved with us from Minnesota to San Diego to Minnesota and finally to Colorado. 

Twenty-eight years of memories are wrapped up in this couch.

 But it is time. Today we are getting a new one! It feels like Christmas. I even sat on the stairs waiting for the delivery guys. The new couch has taken the old one's place. I have to say- I'm TOTALLY good with trading in the old with the new but I'll definitely hold on to the memories. Tom is having a little more trouble. I think it has more to do with, "Replacing a perfectly good piece of furniture" than sentiment. 

But of course we haven't completely let go. We are saving it- just in case one of our kids needs it. Who knows... maybe it will see another round of babies grow up. And why is a perfectly good piece of furniture!
"Can a mother forget the baby at her breast?" Isaiah 49:15a

What piece of furniture hold fond memories for you? Do you still have it? 

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