Monday, September 24, 2012

This month has been dedicated to enlightenment. Forward thinking in a sense.How to handle possible conflicts with teachers, realizing kids (and parents) are not perfect, and hanging onto good memories while moving ahead in life. We understand kids aren't perfect- at home or in school. And life still goes on..perfectly imperfect.
Next month we will look at Spiritual Warfare and how that relates to parenting.
For today I'm sharing a short prayer written by my dad. His birthday is at the beginning of October and it seems fitting to close out September with some of his words.

Dear Jesus:
Thank you for giving us the gift of people who have...
...reflected your light,
...influenced our lives, and
... helped us in our journey.
Please grant us your grace so that we may walk in your way and be a witness for Thee.

Miss you, Pops.

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