Monday, October 29, 2012


Twice in the matter of a second, my dog was bitten by a vicious rattlesnake. Now some folks may say the snake was scared, startled. They would reason, "That's why it bit Murphy." Maybe. Maybe that's true. But I know rattlesnakes. And from my experience they are aggressive, territorial. They don't give up their ground without a fight. Rattlesnakes don't retreat. Rattlesnakes attack.

God has an enemy like that. His enemy doesn't relinquish any ground without a full-on battle. His target: generally God's creation and  specifically God's people. People he considers a threat.

His purpose is to thwart God's plans and purposes. 

He aims to create chaos in the areas of relationships and health. He attempts to confuse in the arena of beliefs and behavior. Sex and sexuality have become a couple of his prime targets. He fights dirty. And...he is after that which we hold dear-our family.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could be prepared by seeing a red flag so we would know where an assault would come from? But usually there is little to no warning. Usually we are blindsided. 

But we can be ready. 

We can dress ourselves in the armor of God. But we must wear the entire uniform so we can stand firm. First we hold up our core with the belt of truth, cover our heart with the breastplate of righteousness,and get our feet ready to move with the gospel of peace. Then we go into defensive mode and put up the shield of faith and cover our mind with the helmet of salvation. Finally we move offensively and sharpen our double edged sword-God's word- and use it against our adversary.

Praying scripture is powerful.

Pick a piece of scripture and insert your child's name into the verse.  Pray your child desires to know God's truth, that his heart and mind are protected from evil Pray God woos him and grows his faith. Pray for a boldness and willingness to share his faith. Help your child to learn God's word so when trouble comes-and it will- he will be ready.

By the way, Murphy survived the snake's poison. And we can too. Because... we have a BIG God who calls himself- Savior.

In what areas has the enemy attempted to attack your family? How did you use God's word and prayer to fight back?

Be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints. 
Ephesians 6: 18b

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