Saturday, December 15, 2012

6 Actions to Help Kids Deal with the Newtown Tragedy

Dear Friends,

The news of the Newtown massacre in Connecticut shook us all. Becky (my ministry partner) and I are heart-broken for each family directly affected by the shooting. We mourn with you. We pray for you.  We are both in a place of disbelief – nothing is sacred or off limits to evil.

Becky and I are both former elementary school teachers and more importantly both moms. This news takes a direct hit to our hearts. In our grief we want to reach out and help.

We have come up with a short list of six actions parents can implement during this terrible time.

      1. Turn off the television. It adds to the anxiety.

      2. Be calm and be present with your children. Their world has been rocked. They are looking to mom and dad to provide the security that has just been shaken. It is appropriate and good for your kids to see you are saddened by this but avoid showing BIG emotion.

      3. Don’t feed their fear, try to quell it. Maintain your normal routine but be sensitive. If your child is afraid make reasonable accommodations.

      4.  Be honest about the event but be wise in how much you share. You are the parent.You know your child best. Take his age and personality into consideration. Listen to his questions and answer what has been asked, avoid giving lots of detail. Listening is more important than talking.

      5.  If you can move your child to the place of helping others, he will be less likely to fearfully focus on his own situation.  (Possibly raising money to help remodel the school.)

      6. Pray with your child. Take your concerns to the Lord.

Hang with your kids and hug your kids. 
They need your time and your affection.  Just between us parents, the awful truth is we can’t always keep our kids physically safe so we must make sure they are ready…spiritually ready. Invite Jesus into your home today.

For God so loved the world...


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