Monday, December 17, 2012

A Prayer for the Newtown Families

Here is a prayer we can pray on behalf of the Newtown families.


We know You are near. Lord God, show Yourself. Each day, let these heart-broken parents and family members see, hear, smell, touch or feel one thing that shows you are near. They need Your comfort. Your compassion. Your closeness. We know you will not leave them  in their time of great sorrow. Let them know you are beside them, holding them,  listening to them, weeping with them, carrying them. You are close to the brokenhearted.
Come Lord Jesus.


My mom heart aches.
It cries for you. 
It cries for your unimaginable loss.
 "I'm sorry" falls so short. 

Few words found, many tears come.
I want to hug you, to cry with you, to sit beside you.  

Yet...down on my knees is where the need is met. 
I will pray for you.

~Lori Wildenberg

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