Monday, April 22, 2013

Lead and Follow

A few weeks ago I attended a retreat for The MOM Initiative (Moms mentoring Moms). In between tubing, eating, snowshoeing, eating, laughing, talking, eating, and shopping the MOM team got busy helping each other with computer techniques and speaking tips. 

We (the thirteen that attended) walked away with more knowledge and motivation than we had when we arrived. We felt encouraged and energized to move forward in the ministry positions to which we have been called. We didn't compare gifting or ministries. 

Assisting each other, passing along information, learning from each other, supporting one another- important in ministry,even more important in parenting. 

I am thankful I had two friends who were just a bit ahead of me in the mom department. Both Lorri and Kathy had four kids- like me. They understood the demands of being a mama to four, close in age. They gave me permission not to do things PERFECTLY. They shared their parenting philosophies, tips, and secrets with me. They reassured me that even when I felt I earned The WORST MOM in the WORLD Award-tomorrow was another day and I could do it differently. (And they were there to help me!)

Look at the families around you. Is there a mom or dad that you would like to bounce ideas off of once in awhile? Or... have you noticed a parent that could use a little support? 

I encourage you to reach out to mentor or ask to be mentored. We need each other's wisdom and experience when it comes to raising kids today.

"You yourselves are full of goodness, complete in knowledge and competent to instruct one another." Romans 15:14 


  1. Such wisdom, and I loved that aspect of the MOM retreat! It only takes one mom to set the tone for transparency and sharing, and then we're all blessed! :)

  2. It's true!Sharing hearts....real hearts. Blessings, my friend!