Monday, April 29, 2013

Vegas and Grandma

I hate this saying. (I bet you are thinking, Gee, Lori- tell me how you really feel.) Every time I see this post go up on Facebook, I feel myself getting all fired up! So... I decided to fight back! This (along with that awful VEGAS saying) is one of the worst life philosophies I have heard.

Some of you reading this may think I have gone off the deep end-taking it too far. After's funny, kinda cute. 

In my opinion, it isn't cute, funny, or even harmless. It is dangerous. Why would grandparents want to teach and encourage their grand-kids to withhold experiences and information from their parents? (Frankly the children learn to lie soon enough on their own. It certainly doesn't need to be reinforced by Granny or Pappy.)

Having a sweet relationship with children doesn't need to be covert or deceitful. The grandchild-grandparent is special. It is another place a child can be loved unconditionally. It is also important that the grand-moms and grand-dads remember to support their children in their efforts to raise their children.

So that is my word of recommendation for today. If you have utilized the "What happens at Grandma's" idea before, please rethink your position. Maybe even discuss it with your own adult children.

On the flip side: Parents- lighten up a bit, be a little flexible, and give your folks space to use what I call, The Grandparent Option. Maybe some of the "rules" can be loosened a bit when your kids are with the grandparents.

A relationship doesn't need to be clandestine to be GREAT.

Do not deceive one another. 
Leviticus 19:11c