Monday, July 1, 2013

Lake Reflections

Happy Fourth of July!

Fireworks. Family. Friends. Fun.

Summertime to me... means family fun! Here is poem written by my dad. Enjoy.

"Almost every Sunday evening THE LAKE becomes very quiet and I am filled with Lake Reflections." Robert Appel

Dear Lord

Still is the lake and calm,
Stirred not by wind or sound.
Shining just as a glassy mirror,
Surfacing such deep reflections all around.

Trees reflecting green in water blue,
Every leaf a mirror image true.
Centered shoreline dividing one to two,
All this clearly in my view.

Then I had a wondrous thought,
Was the mirror also reflecting me?
My life showing above the line,
While underneath only You could see.

Tomorrow when the winds blow free,
And the mirror's but a wave,
Then Lord let my reflection be,
My soul--that You alone doth save.


......Rockman 8/17/97
Sunday Evening

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