Monday, September 9, 2013

Three lessons from Samson's Mama

Have you ever given Samson's mama a second glance? Normally I just glaze right over the part about his unnamed mother and focus on the big story...Samson and Delilah.

Until recently...

I'm working on a manuscript which has caused me to look at moms in the Bible more closely. Samson's mama has struck me as a normal, faithful woman. She's someone I would want to hang out with. She is a woman living life unexpectedly.

She didn't expect to be childless.
She didn't expect the angel of the LORD to meet her in her quiet time.
She didn't expect her blessed boy to choose a Philistine wife.

I love her story. It's like mine. 

I didn't expect to go through infertility.
I didn't expect God to speak so clearly regarding his plans for my family.
I didn't expect my oldest to step off the expected path.

Here's what Samson's mom has taught me:

When I am suffering, God will show up.
When I am praying, God will show up.
When I am parenting, God will show up.

God is with me!

The Lord is my comforter. Samson's mom, I need to release my choke hold on my young adult. I must move out of the way and trust that God will  "do his thing" with my child. My job is to love while speaking truth with grace, respect, and humility. Because...God is also with my kid!

Lisa Shaw, host of Women of the Roundtable, a podcast radio program, invited Julie Sanders, Dori Cook, and me to participate in a discussion about inspiring women of the Bible. Julie chose Phoebe. Dori picked Leah. And as you may have guessed,  Samson's unnamed mom was my gal!

For more on Samson's mom read Judges 13-14. Samson's story can be found in Judges 13-16.

Which woman (or man) of the Bible inspires You? I'd love to hear!

Faith, hope, and love,

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The LORD is with me; he is my helper. 
Psalm 118:7

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