Monday, October 28, 2013

CrAzY Stuff Kids Do

Kids are so great. They are unencumbered with normalcy. Maybe being a kid is a little like being untamed, wild.... before becoming socialized, tamed.

Recently I was going through some old photos. They captured each of my kids various moods, looks, and phases. All of the memories made me smile. Some even caused me to burst out laughing.

So really...why do kids even need a costume on Halloween? They should just come as they are...each one would be unique!

Here are a few goofy things my kids did when they were younger:

1. Wore like a thousand headbands at one time.
2. Wore a stack of buckets, like a hat....EVERYWHERE.
3. Wore blue gloves (in 80 degree weather) in order to be the Blue Power Ranger.
4. Put a boatload of stuffed animals into a "packpack" (back pack) in order to go "mountain climbing."
5. Got excited when it rained so they could make "pinky-pies" (AKA: mud pies)
6. Made bubble beards in the bath tub.
7. Wore a dish towel like a scarf to be, "The Shepherd Girl".
8. Had a alter ego...Tina..who had attitude and was actually very naughty. 
9. Wore cloth diapers like a dress and called herself ,"The Bubba Girl".
10. Said things like, "He's anoring me." (A combo of ignoring and annoying...but means annoying)

(PS: The picture above was NOT taken at Halloween....!)

I would so love to hear your treasured CrAzY kid memories -ones you have or are making. Please write them in the comment section so we can all have a happy burst!

Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. 
Luke 2: 19

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