Monday, October 21, 2013

5 Volunteer Know-Nos

Can you believe Christmas decorations are all ready littering the retail floors? I think I even saw a few coming out the end of September. Back-to-school and on to Christmas.

So maybe it is best to be prepared before the onslaught of "volunteer opportunities" invade your space.

Be ready to know what you know about the holiday madness. It is a time sucker. And if you are like hate to say no.

Say yes to knowing these things before you commit to any extra tasks. This is your gift to yourself!

1. Know yourself : What do you enjoy doing? If you like to bake and don't like running a kids' game at the class party...send cookies rather than volunteer to help in the classroom.

2. Know your schedule: Have everything you participate in written out so you can see what each day looks like. I never happen to know my schedule off hand. But I guess that's okay because then I can think about saying yes or no after I have time to look and evaluate.

3. Know your margin: Understand how you are wired. If you are an introvert, you will need some space in your day to regroup. If you are an extrovert you need margin as well so you life doesn't become overwhelming.

4. Know how to delegate: Kids can pitch in at home. Have them help out a little more.

5. Know how to redirect: "I can bake cookies if someone else could do the snacks."

Just because lots of things are happening around Christmas, doesn't mean a parent has to be involved in every single one of the events.

Merry Christmas! (Oh and have a beautiful fall!)

What advice do you have for other parents about keeping your holiday sanity?

I will give you a wise and discerning heart. 
1 Kings 3: 12b

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