Monday, January 6, 2014

A Full Sink, A Full Heart

My sink is full of dirty dishes. My dishwasher is full of clean ones. That's today. By the time this post goes live, my dishwasher won't need to run everyday and my sink will be empty.

I love having a houseful of kids and a kitchen that proves it.

I love seeing that pile of shoes by the door, discarded from the feet of my kids' friends.

I love hearing the showers run and the music blare.

I love taste tasting a new recipe with my daughters and determining what else we need to make it great.

I love saying, "What should we do today?"

I love listening to my son and husband talk about the latest Avalanche game.

I love watching my kids interact with each other. Laughing and teasing.

I love seeing the smile on my dog's face (yes, smile) when all his people are home.

I really love being a mom.

It has been a very warm Christmas.

With a heart that is bursting with gratefulness for family time together, Thank you, Jesus.

But his mother treasured all these things in her heart. 
Luke 2:51b
 What memories do you hold in your heart? 

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