Monday, January 13, 2014

Table Time

"The table looks so small," my daughter commented. Ya, true.

Tom and I had just removed the two leaves from the table. We were able to cozily (is that a word?)  seat twelve people around the table. Better to be squeezed together rather than use the extra card table.


Lots of laughing,eating, praying, game playing, teasing, reminiscing, and conversation took place around this table over the Christmas break.

Good memories. Good family time.

No wonder having table time together is an important family bonding time. 

New Years is a time for reflection and readjusting, I'm reminded of the importance of table time with my little (actually not so little anymore) gang, my extended family, and friends.

It always takes effort. But the the pay-off you know...priceless!

I felt twinge of sadness while taking out the leaves as the number of people around the table began to decrease. (They were dropping like flies as my niece, Emma,  observed.)

But the thought of those precious moments warms my heart and makes me smile. And that sticks with me longer than the sweet sadness.

How do you carve out table time into your busy schedule? 

Practice hospitality. 
Romans 12:13

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