Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Healing is not Passive

To my Eternal Moments readers,

I just finished reading Mary DeMuth's just released book, Not Marked. I need to tell you about this really powerful book about a very difficult topic, sexual abuse. Word needs to get out about Mary's book to help those struggling with the shame of being abused.

Sexual abuse can happen to anyone, children in a good or bad home life situation, and in varying degrees of exploitation. I learned from Mary that sexual abuse doesn't always encompass the entire sexual act. And 1 in 4 people have experienced some sort of sexual abuse.

Sexual abuse is definitely a spiritual warfare tactic and is the enemy's greatest weapon against an individual. But..there is hope. Jesus trumps any nasty and vile enemy attack.

Mary encourages victim's to speak up, seek help, and get healed in order to heal someone else.

This is not an easy book to read. Mary's personal story is horrific. Her honesty, transparency, and tell it like it is approach will free many caught in the chains of shame. She validates the victim's feelings with her own expression of emotion yet she doesn't stay stuck there. She picks off the scab of the abuse wound, opens it up, goes deep to clean it, so healing can take place. 

Mary says, "Who you were is not who you are." Healing is not a passive experience. The hurting person is challenged to push past the pain and pursue healing. Mary provides the tools to do just that. She shows the tender soul how to re-frame his or her thoughts with truths like," I was molested.". To "I am cherished by God."

If you know someone or even are that person it is possible to be set free, to be Not Marked when, as Mary says, "Jesus is the hero of your story. "

There is hope. Healing can happen.


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