Wednesday, March 26, 2014

No More Perfect Kids Speaks Perfectly to Moms and Dads

I just finished reading Jill Savage and Dr. Kathy Koch's book, No More Perfect Kids. I wanted to fill you in on this great resource.
Jill  and Dr.  Kathy discuss the gap parents must close between the imagined child and the real child. Each chapter concludes with the four antidotes to the Perfection Infection. And in true Savage style,the book is real life. Warm, honest, humorous. Family moments are shared, like preparing an ADHD kid for a quiz while he sits in a chair upside down. While his feet are in the air and his head on the ground, he answers each question correctly!
Parents, this book reminds us to shoot for progress and not for our kids grow, have the same Come to Momma mindset, as we do when they begin to walk. Falling is okay and to be expected.

I had the great joy and pleasure of hiking with Jill and her Hearts at Home Team. Great fun!

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