Monday, April 28, 2014

The Power of Love and Wise Counsel

Have you ever had a situation where someone at work, in your neighborhood, in your circle of friends, or in your family has made you mad? I'm guessing... yes.

What do you do? What do I do?

We have a big decision to make. If you are like me you have a real preference on what you may want to do but it messes with what you (and I) ought to do.

To whom to you go for guidance? 

The only way for you and me to get smart is to stop asking our sympathetic friends. 

I am totally guilt of this.

When I am questioning something, do I seek wise counsel (someone who may not tell me what I want to hear but it is what I need to hear.) or do I ask my sweet friends (the ones who will tell me what I want to hear)?

That leads me to my next thought. Do I really want to hear something that may challenge or convict me? Or do I just want to feel good and justified?

Truthfully, I like to be affirmed. I like to be agreed with. I like to be told, "You did the right thing." 

I phone a friend. A sweet one.

Part of being in the body of Christ is being able to talk with a person who can provide wise counsel and biblical advice. God places certain folks in our lives so we can learn, stretch, and be challenged. So we can become all that he wants us to be.

Newsflash: He wants me to be more  like Jesus...and less 

I need support to do that. Of course I need my friends. And I am thankful most of them are really smart...spiritually smart. And I also need to be apart of a community, a church where I can be accountable; a place where I can grow in Christ. And maybe help someone else along the way.

So I'm going to start using my head and seek wise (unbiased) counsel when I am wrestling with something. I'm going to give my friends "permission" to love me by being truthful. (Okay..with the understanding they be gentle in the process! )

To do life well we need to be wise; use our heads and put our heads together. We aren't meant to do  life alone.We need one another. And we need truth with grace.

Plans fail for lack of counsel, with many advisers they succeed. Proverbs 15:22

Whoever heeds correction gains understanding. Proverb 15:32b 

In addition to the Holy Spirit, who has God placed in your life to be your "guidance counselor"?

With faith, hope, and love,
~Lori Wildenberg

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  1. Oooo… I love this, Lori. I can be so guilty, too. I'm so grateful that God put my blogging partner, Kathy, in my life. She is faithful to not tell me what I WANT to hear, but what I NEED to hear. I'm also trying to wait and listen for God's voice and leading before I pick up the phone. :)