Monday, July 28, 2014

The Making of a Mom

Last week I let you know about a great bible study written by Kathy Howard. This week I have another book to tell you about, The Making of a Mom by my friend and colleague, Stephanie Shott. Stephanie is the founder of The M.O.M. Initiative a group in which I am a member. We are committed to mentoring other moms. Here's a quick summary of Steph's book:

The Making of a Mom gives 12 keys to biblical motherhood for modern day moms. It helps answer the deep questions of a mom's heart.
Am I enough? 
Will I ever get this mom thing right? 
How can I NOT mess up my kids when I'm such a mess? 
But The Making of a Mom is also an unparalleled resource for the church. It helps churches weave mentoring into their community by providing a great small group resource for moms and single moms. The book is a powerful tool that equips churches and ministries with everything they need to make an impact inside and outside the walls of the church.The Making of a Mom ministers to moms who know Christ and helps the body of Christ reach moms who don't! 

You can find The Making of a Mom over at Amazon.

Happy reading!

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