Monday, October 13, 2014

12 HeartCORe Workshops!

With the Midwest HeartCORe Conference right around the corner I wanted to let you know about the workshops being offered. They all revolve around our CORe values of Family, Faith, and Education.
Please join us! You can click on the registration link below. 
With faith, hope, and love,
Love is patient, Love is kind. 

Session I  Presenter                              Workshop                                          CORe Value
            1. Pete Larson                         Got Your Back                                     Marriage              
            2. Matt Haviland                     A Father’s Love                      Parenting (single moms) 
            3. Megan Stone                       Own Your Education                            Education
            4. Becky Danielson                 24/7 Kids:                                             Parenting
                                                             A Parent’s Guide to a Kid’s Tech World

Session II
            1. Lori Wildenberg                  Who’s the Boss?                           Parenting toddlers-nine
            2. Matt Haviland                     A Father’s Walk                                   Faith (single dads)
            3. Misty Honnold                   Supporting Single Moms        Relationships (single moms)
            4. Megan Stone                       Tools for School                                    Education

Session III
            1. Pete Larson                         Born to Run                                            Faith
            2. Misty Honnold                    Bride & Bridegroom                              Faith
            3. Becky Danielson                 Same Page Parenting                   Parenting and Marriage
            4. Lori Wildenberg                  Hard Places                                  Parenting tweens- YA

Hope to see you there!

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