Monday, December 1, 2014

8 Great Mom Traits

Someday...when you are a grandma, you'll be just like Nana." My oldest child has great confidence in me. Me...not so much.

My mom has raised the bar pretty high. When my two youngest were born she took a month out of her life, each time, to help Tom and me out with the older kids.  She left her life(and my dad) in Minnesota to help care for all of us in California.

She gives generously of her time. 

Every summer she opens up her lake cabin to the family, we all come (my family, my brother’s and my sister’s) with kids plus dogs. There have been times when the cabin held eight adults, 9 kids, and 6 dogs! Over the years the cabin carpet has withstood mud, sand, and other “accidents” (you can guess what type) from kids and dogs alike.

She doesn’t worry about the stuff. Instead she focuses on the gathering.

On just about any occasion, she sends “a little something” to the kids. Just to let them know she misses them and is thinking about them.

She is thoughtful.

She’s an awesome cook and feeds us well whenever we are together. Always saying, “Can I get you anymore?”

She has a servant’s heart. 

Me, not so much. (Although I am a very gracious recipient!)

Did I mention she is really fun, too?

She’s up  for a hike, a card game of hearts, or even a wild tube ride around the lake.
When my husband was out of town and my heart was hurting because someone had been unkind to my young teenager, I called my mom. I should include my call to her was at 11:00 PM my time and midnight her time. Not only did she talk with me, she made sure I knew she was so glad I felt comfortable calling her late at night. (Ha! )

She is my friend.

And…when my oldest daughter told my mom she was gay. My mom said, “Honey, I’m your Grandma, my job is only to love you.” (This can make me cry when I think of it.)

She knows her Nana-role and she is loving plus wise.

She models living out her faith by caring for her friends and volunteering at church. She continues to grow spiritually by investing time in her small group and Bible study. My mom introduced me to BSF (Bible Study Fellowship).

She has passed along her love for the body of Christ and her faith.

I love my mom. I want to be like her. (Fat chance) I try to keep things in perspective like she has taught me. But…like the tennis shoes in the picture, I can get hung up on the “junk”.

What good stuff has your mom shown you?  Let her know how much you love her, appreciate her,  and cherish her sacrifices over the years. Happy belated Thanksgiving and an early Merry Christmas!

Her children arise and call her blessed. Proverbs 31:28

With faith, hope, and love,


  1. Lori, that's a beautiful post. Your mom sounds like someone I'd like to be like when I grow up! And she sounds a lot like my mom, although my mom never got the chance to love on her grandsons. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks Lisa. I'm sorry about your mom- I'm sure you miss her. Have a blessed Christmas!