Monday, June 8, 2015

Listen, Learn, Love

While sitting in the middle seat on a full flight from Denver to D.C. I was reminded of three simple truths: To listen, to learn, to love in order to impact and grow all my relationships.

I grabbed the book Listen, Learn, Love: How to Dramatically Improve Your Relationships in 30 days or Less to be my reading material for the flight. 

The book speaks to all relationships: the static, the mediocre, and even the good and shows the reader how to move them to the next level. 

When life gets busy (like it always seems to be) or stressful (like it can get)  I tend to put my relationships, the ones I'm secure in, on auto-pilot. I forget  to affirm my loved ones with Susie Albert Miller's three L's.

This little book takes everyday wisdom and clearly lays out how to apply the listen, learn, and love principles. Basic in their application, blessed in their reception. 

In the time it took to fly from the Rocky Mountains to the Capital, I was able to start and finish the book. (I believe my EQ -Emotional Quotient- increased!) 

Profound and practical. No platitudes. Common sense.

Parents, don't underestimate the power of really listening to your child. We are so good at talking at them. Not so good at listening to them. 

With our little ones we are tuned into their likes and dislikes. As kids get older we know less. What music does he like? Who is his favorite band? Why is his best pal, his best pal? What are his hopes, dreams, goals, plans? Study your child. Learn him.

Choose to love. We can make a decision each day, in each interaction, to choose love. 

Don't we all feel well loved when we are heard, understood, and cared for? 

And when we listen, learn, and love--Susie is right, our relationships will blossom.

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with faith hope and love,

Lori Wildenberg

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  1. Thanks for the great review Lori! I just bought Listen, Learn, Love to read on my summer vacation. "Profound and practical. No platitudes. Common sense."- just what I'm looking for!