Monday, September 5, 2011

Seasons of Life

Theme for September: Plans
"There is hope for your future." Jeremiah 31:17
Mom's Musing:
Yesterday I went for a hike with a good friend. The first part of the trek was a pretty steep incline. We both needed to stop to take in some oxygen and sip some water.When we got to summit of the foothill we rested. We took time to enjoy the view and feel the combination of sun and the light breeze on our skin. I noticed a little crispness in the air. There was no mistaking the smell of moisture. Fall is coming. School has begun. I felt a little sad.
Change is hard for me. Time doesn't stand still. Two of my kids are off at college, another is in school and working, and the youngest has just begun her senior year of high school. I attended my last "Back to School Night". How did it happen so fast?
Rather than lament, I want to be present in the present, looking forward with hopeful anticipation. This Labor Day weekend there will be six of us celebrating together. But not our typical gang. Our youngest has invited three friends to join us this weekend. When I look at the kitchen table, each chair will still be filled but with a different collection of kids. I want to enjoy the moment rather than miss what was. Trusting the future will hold good things too, just different ones. 
Parenting Tip: Enjoy the moments while going through the days.

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