Monday, November 19, 2012

Our Thanksgiving Bread

Pops loved tradition. So in honor of my earthly father and in keeping with the tradition of my blog, here is a prayer-poem written by my dad. To my Heavenly Father be the glory!

Oh bread of heaven feed my hungry soul with.....


And now we break this bread together
Father be with us here today
Make our lives Your home forever
In dear Jesus name we pray

Thank You for all You've given us
And on this blest Thanksgiving day
Thank You for Your gift of Jesus
Given to guide our earthly way

Such a gift beyond all human knowing
We are humbled in His sight
To live our lives like cancles glowing
Our purpose to reflect His light

So now we start but without merit
Father please show us Your way
Grant us Your grace that we inherit
Christ our bread this Thanksgiving day

......Rockman 11/28/96
Thanksgiving Day

Miss you, Pops. 


  1. What a beautiful poem/prayer! What a special gift left by your "Pops"! Thank you, Lori, for sharing it with us.

  2. Thanks Judy! You are so welcome! Happy Thanksgiving.