Monday, May 13, 2013

Grover Defines Marriage

When my son was in first grade, he came to me for some confirmation,"Mom, two girls can't get married, right?" The topic on the school bus was same sex marriage. That talk didn't occur recently. This took place seventeen or so years ago. Today that type of conversation has seeped into the fabric of our lives-everywhere we go.

Last week, I took two of my three girls out to lunch. The two family bookends, as my oldest likes to say. My oldest child, at 25 years of age, is in a same sex relationship. (In case you are wondering... Yes, we brought her up with traditional values.Yes, this is painful for me. And yes... I  love my child.) She wears a rainbow ring to signify her sexuality or in support of gay rights (I'm not exactly sure).  Maybe both. Anyway...

The waitress serving us tapped her ring and said that she and her wife were on the local news station the other night. At the time of writing this blog, the Colorado governor had just signed the same sex civil union bill.

Today I jumped on Facebook and came across this YouTube video. The video was posted four years ago but it is recirculating. Take a few minutes and watch this.

After watching this, do you think Sesame Street had an agenda or was conveying a subtle message? Do you think this is cute and harmless or dangerous and smells of indoctrination? What is your definition of marriage?

The world's voice is not only loud, it is constant. My young adult has embraced society's view. Even so, her dad and I continue to speak words of grace, truth, and love into her life. She is our kid and we love her unconditionally.

Parents buy the lie that if the children are brought up in a home with Christian values, it's guaranteed he or she will hold fast to those standards as adult. I wish that were the case.

But... parents are still responsible to provide a solid foundation. It is our job to honor the Lord in our parenting. Whether or not our children live out those values is... I hate to say it... up to that child.

So...Parents, be aware and advised, it is not too early to talk with your preschoolers about your family's definition of marriage. Because if you don't, Sesame Street will. They already have.

How have you seen the culture bump up against your values? How have you armed your children?

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