Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Cards and Prayer

The six of us have lived in three states: Minnesota, California, Minnesota again, and now Colorado. Each time saying good-bye to the friends we made and the places we grew to love was hard.

So...getting Christmas cards at our home is a really big deal.

We all love hearing from our friends and catching up on their family news. It is so fun to see their pictures and remark how much their kids have grown. Sadly, often a year goes by and the best update we have from these families is the Christmas card.

Each year I pledge to do better with staying in closer contact. I can see I'll need to make that same resolution this year, too! Time seems to whiz by at warp-speed. Not an excuse, reality. (Thankfully we will all have eternity together, I tell myself!)

As Christmas comes to a close and the mailbox contains fewer cards (Although I do have a few friends that send New Years or Valentines cards! Hmmmm.....I just might be counted among that number this year, I mean next year!) I put everything away, except for those cards. I transfer them to a container near the kitchen table.

I save the cards for prayer.

Starting in January, at dinnertime, each family member picks a card from the stack. Then we go around the table and pray for the families represented by the Christmas cards. We continue to do this until all the cards (families) have been prayed over.

What is one of your family's traditions at Christmas?

I thank my God every time I remember you. 
Philippians 1:3
Faith, hope, and love,
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