Monday, February 13, 2012

Love is

Theme: Love!
 In celebration of Valentine's Day I'm posting a love poem.
Love is:
Teaching your child to pray.Cleaning up throw up in the middle of the night and not complaining.
Smiling when your child throws his dirty, sandy arms around you, making your new outfit a little dirty.
Saying thank you when your child buses his dishes from the table,
      dripping food all the way to the counter.
Holding your child's hand when he gets a shot.
Helping your child clean up after a spill.
Not rolling our eyes when your child spills for the sixth time that day.
Reading the Bible with your children.
 Sticking to your family rules when you are somewhere other than home.
Knowing what your children are reading and watching.
Forgiving your child when he has made a mistake and not bringing it up again.
Taking time to date your spouse.
 Spending time alone with each child.
Listening to your child without judging.
Maintaining a sense of humor.
Responding and reacting to your children  in a way you would like to be treated.
Biting your tongue until you can speak with wisdom and grace.
Delighting in God's creation.
Sharing yourself.
Not listening to music in the car and having a conversation instead.
Helping your child through the struggles of life, not around the struggles.
Building others up.
Taking your child to church.
Praying for your spouse and your children.
Admitting when you are wrong and saying you're sorry.
Putting the needs of your spouse and family above your own.
Patient, Kind, Gentle
Not envious, Not boastful, Not proud, Not rude
Always protecting, Always trusting, Always hopeful,
always persevering
Never failing
By Lori Wildenberg 2002
Seen in EMPOWERED PARENTS: Putting Faith First Wildenberg & Danielson
Pages 82-83

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